BalanceIT Services brings extensive experience in automation solutions focused on intelligent and sophisticated monitoring and orchestration solutions to drive efficiencies, reduce opportunities for errors and make technology work for the IT team rather than the IT team being driven by the demands of the technology.

Some examples of the automation solutions we can bring include:

  • Orchestration
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Application Deployments
    • Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Monitoring
    • Integration of infrastructure and applications into one view of overall operations health
    • Custom application monitoring logic
    • Integration of other technology management tools and purpose-built monitoring tools into a single rolled up view
    • Inclusion of all aspects of operations technology into an overall health view (e.g. backups, network security, externally hosted services)
    • Early Warning / Proactive Trouble detection
  • Application Support
    • Replacement of manual intervention procedures with automated solutions
    • Exploration into application logic and underlying data to build tools to detect and resolve frequent problem conditions requiring manual intervention

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